Camp Run a Mutt Prices {Updated}

Camp Run a Mutt Prices: Camp Run A Mutt offers a unique chain of cage-free dog daycares and boarding facilities that provide safe and well-maintained facilities to your pet. 

It is a trusted provider of pet care services in California and Texas. They offer everything you need, including supervised accommodation, pet grooming and training, as well as pet care services.

Here are the most recent Camp Run A Mutt prices.

Camp Run a Mutt Prices

Camp Run-a-Mutt Prices



Price Varies By Breed and Coat Condition. Call for Free Estimate.

The Hand Bath – Starting Price $30.00
Tune Up – Starting Price $38.00
Haircut and Styling – Starting Price $42.00
De-Shed Treatment – Starting Price $39.00

A La Carte Service

Nail Trim $10.00
Nail Trim & Ear Package $12.00
Teeth Brushing $8.00
Anal Glands $17.00
Sanitary Trim $7.00


Full Days

Single Day $34.00
5 Day Package $155.00
10 Day Package $275.00
20 Day Package $480.00
1 Month Unlimited $495.00

Half Days

Half Day (6 Hours or Less) $25.00
5 Half-Day Package $95.00
10 Half-Day Package $165.00
20 Half-Day Package $275.00
1 Month Half-Day Unlimited $285.00


Day of Play & Overnight Stay $55.00

Obedience and Training

6 Sessions $240.00

About Camp Run-a-Mutt

Dogs can be loving companions, and sometimes you want to show that love back by giving them extra care. Camp Run-a-Mutt is a doggie daycare and boarding facility. Even if your dog is very excited, it can be hard to get them under control. They should be able to do it with some help.

Camp Run-a-Mutt has been voted the best doggie daycare franchise in the country. The camp was founded in mid-2007 by dog lovers and provided a safe environment for your dog to enjoy while you are away. Camp Run-a-Mutt’s prices are very affordable and well worth it.

Day care is the main reason why you’ll want to bring your dog here. MuttCam technology allows you to monitor your dog from anywhere you are. You can pay for boarding or daycare as well as grooming or obedience training.

Below are the most recent Camp Run-a-Mutt Prices.

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