Golden Retriever Price in India (2022) With Monthly Expenses

Golden Retriever Price in India (2022) With Monthly Expenses

Golden Retriever Price in India – If you are wondering about “What is the Price of Golden Retriever in India” or Where can I buy Golden Retriever in India? then this guide is specially made for you.

Golden Retriever is a British breed of retriever dog of medium size characterized by a gentle and affectionate nature and a striking golden coat. Whether you want to keep an outdoor dog or as an Apartment dog, Golden Retriever is the wonderful companion of humans.

Golden Retriever Price in India starts from Rs.20,000 and goes up to Rs.40,000depending upon the Quality, Coat, Colour, and Finally Health.

If you are planning to get a Golden Retriever as a family pet, you should know some basics about the breed.

We bring to you all the aspects that you will have to keep in mind before getting a Golden Retriever so that you can provide an environment that develops a healthy dog and a long-lasting companionship.

Golden Retriever Price in Major Indian Cities

Golden Retriever Price in India 2022

AVERAGE PRICE IN DELHI (BASIC) ₹20,000 to ₹40,000
BREED NAME Golden Retriever
HEIGHT 23-32 inches
WEIGHT 38-52 Kilograms
LIFE-SPAN 10-14 Years
LITTER SIZE 4-7 Puppies (approx.)


Golden Retriever Dogs are playful, loving Friendly, and wonderful companions of humans.

Golden Retriever Price in India begins from ₹20,000 and goes up the ₹40,000. The price of Golden Retriever in India depends on the quality, health, size, coloring, the reputation of the breeder, and location.

We recommend customers buy Golden Retriever from a certified breeder.

Please do not buy Golden Retriever from mails and mix breeders. They might cost you lower, but do not give the warranty of the originality.

Make sure to compare Golden Retriever prices in India with certified breeders only when you are buying Golden Retriever dog breeds in India. pooches are a status symbol among China’s wealthy.

How do you identify a Golden Retriever?

  • View the size of the dog.
    • Golden Retrievers are medium-sized dogs.
    • Males are 23–24 inches (58–61 cm) tall, weighing 65–75 pounds (29–34 kg)
    • Females are 21.5–22.5 inches (55–57 cm) tall and weigh 55–65 pounds (25–29 kg)
  • Check the ears
    • have short ears
    • The tips fall close to the dog’s cheeks and, if pulled over, should cover the eyes
  • Look at the eyes
    • eyes are medium-large
    • medium or dark brown with dark eye rims
  • See the dog’s tail
    • tail is thick and muscular at the base
    • carried level or moderately curved upward
    • never curled or between the legs

Golden Retriever Price in India

Golden Retriever Price in Major Indian Cities

City Approx. Price Range
Jaipur ₹15,000 – ₹25,000
Pune ₹15,000 – ₹40,000
Bangalore ₹15,000 – ₹25,000
Hyderabad ₹15,000 – ₹25,000
Punjab ₹15,000 – ₹25,000
Mumbai ₹25,000 – ₹40,000
Navi Mumbai ₹35,000
Uttrakhand ₹10,000 – ₹25,000
Chennai ₹15,000 – ₹25,000
Kerala ₹10,000 – ₹25,000
Delhi ₹15,000 – ₹25,000


Factors influencing the Golden Retriever price in India


Place plays a crucial role in deciding the breed’s cost.

For Example, Golden Retriever prices in rural cities are very low compared to Golden Retriever prices in Bangalore/Delhi because in metro cities you will have to pay a very high price.

Demand and supply: 

  • Demands also play a major role in the higher prices in India.
  • The demands of this breed are higher and indirectly supply is very less.

Show Quality vs Pet Quality

  • Show quality dog is very costly depending on the breeders.
  • Most parents probably have pet quality dogs cause of availability and affordable as per the per capita income of average

Reputed Breeder:

  • Very less number of reputed breeders are found in India hence it is hard to get a pure breed of a Golden Retriever
  • A pure Golden Retriever breed is only Bred by a reputed breeder its self

Good and Service Tax:

Sellings Pets includes a sale tax & GST hence it will impact the parents while buying Golden Retriever in India.

Golden Retriever Insurance Cost

Golden Retriever Insurance Cost

Insurance is very beneficial and useful in terms of any wrong happens in future.

On average, Golden Retriever Insurance Cost up to Rs.1,000/-  to Rs2,000/- per month. Please, spend according to you and according to your pocket/budget.

In India, there are many insurance companies where you can ensure your dog-

  • Nationwide
  • petAssure.corp
  • PetFirst Healthcare
  • Petplan

Food Cost

On average, Golden Retriever food cost ranges from ₹2,000 to ₹3,000 per month depending on the quality and quantity of food offered to the dog.

We advise giving full nutrition and vitamins food purchased from the best quality food supplier.

Food includes-

  • Royal Canin maxi starter
  • Royal Canin giant starter
  • Glow max
  • Medi-boost
  • Milk
  • Chappati
  • Vegetables(carrot,etc)
  • Paneer
  • Curd
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Sweet potato/potato
  • Fruits(apple,banana,etc)
  • Pedigree

Vaccination Cost

Vaccination plays a vital role in protecting your dog from any infectious disease and many contagious diseases to safeguards your dog through life. It also protects humans from Rabies which is a transmissible disease.

Grooming Cost

Grooming is a crucial part of your dog’s daily life. Good grooming of dogs leads to an increase in their left life span.

On average, the grooming cost of Golden Retriever ranges from ₹500 to ₹2000 per month, depending on the parents.

Grooming includes:-

  • Bathing
  • Nails trimming
  • Cutting of hairs
  • Regular health check-ups

Here are some advantages of Grooming-

  • Removes germs, bacteria, and dust from the body
  • Maintain the good Skin Health
  • Maintain Body-hair health
  • Makes the dog Active
  • Maintain the Health of your dog
  • Helps to Fight against infectious disease

Training Cost

An average training session of dogs is ₹1,500 to ₹2,500/- per month including all the training activities and treatments are given in the list of the trainer.

If you don’t provide your Golden Retriever with good training it would be extremely unsafe for you and other members.

Types of Training that you should provide to your Golden RetrieverAdvanced Training

Registration Cost

In India, pets registration is compulsory and mandatory for every parent who owns a pet. The government of India just amends such rules by passing an article in parliament.

The average cost of registration of a dog is ₹4,000 approx. per annum. Prices may fluctuate from period to period.

Golden Retrievers Facts, History, Appearance, and Size

Golden Retrievers Facts, History, Appearance, and Size

Height 56 cm-61 cm (Male), 51 cm – 56 cm (Female)
Weight 29 kg – 34 kg (Male), 27 kg – 32 kg (Female)
Lifespan 12 Years
Temperament Friendly, Confident, Kind & Trustworthy
Puupy Price ₹15,000-₹25,000
Popularity Very High
Grooming Frequently Required
Common Health Issues Hip Dysplasia, Skin Allergy, Separation Anxiety

Final Words

Whether you want to keep an outdoor dog or as an Apartment dog, Golden Retriever is playful, loving Friendly and wonderful companions of humans.

Golden Retriever Price in India starts from Rs.20,000 and goes up to Rs.40,000 depending upon the Quality, Coat, Colour, and Finally Health.

We hope to have helped you get all the information required to buy a Golden Retriever in India.

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